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#fugaku #gara #itachi #mikoto #perjanjian #sasusaku #uchiha #uchihasasuke #wattpad “You left me”Sakura smiles with his face bent, his body completely overturned. The wrinkles of Sasuke`s forehead have become clearer. He claims to wait for the answer, with Sakuras reason to appreciate the confused face and the woman`s gugub wife. His mouth was dense and tried not to laugh amused. “Well, I`ll take your place, ino.” Karin Sahut. With great ancestry, Sasuke finally entered his room. Just opened to the doorknob, he was given files and documents on the desk. Helaan`s hard breath escaped her sexy lips. He goes to his office, then fights with all the paper that stacks up during his few days off. The eyes of the Inos Aquarium look incredulous and admire Sasuke and Sakura. It`s different to be cynical with Karin. Warning: Naruto (c) Mashashi Kishimoto Mating: SasuSaku Rating: M genre: romance, Lemonade Sakura haruno, women who work as male musicians, must be bound by a crazy agreement with Sasuke uchiha…

“You`re a little flat. I`m surprised there are people like him. But I also don`t deny that he`s very handsome. Grumpy Sakura, again. A whirlwind blows his pink mowing. The atmosphere in the park is indeed a refreshment for the eyes that look at it. Then an idea crossed his pink head. In a rushed train, she fled from the flower garden. And the waitress who had to take care of him was also running after him in the back…… Sasuke goes dikoridor with his flat face. But if you keep looking, your face lights up a little. I don`t know if he`s in a really carefree atmosphere. All the weight he has felt in the past seems to be flying in the wind.

It`s so far away that he`s relieved. “Kyaaa…… ” Mikoto cries hysterically and kisses So Sakura. The music stopped, as did the two couples. But their position is always based on the other gender. Sasuke is getting closer to Sakira`s body. Inhale and insinuate the aroma of the cherry that creeps into the woman`s body. The same perfume he met for the first time. So far, everything has gone well, as he wishes. Sakura is already attached to him, but not strictly speaking. So he wants Sakura to own it entirely, courtesy of Uchiha Sasuke.

“Hmm..c`s a kiss thank you ka-kasihku,” he replied with a reddened face. Sakura is eager to escape this second. I don`t know where, as long as he doesn`t see Sasuke all day. Because it`s really embarrassing. “Yes, as you can see. I`ve always been good. Nothing can hurt me because I`m a real man. Gaara`s jokes were winked at. “Answer my jidat question first!” Ino rolls his eyeballs in Sakura. Sakuras` “Come pig” leads ino from the club to his apartment. Sakura does not want to move with his mind and is close to a man who is nothing but Sasuke.

He formed in the place of the sculpture that wanted to feel like Sakura faint at this second, even when he saw the beautiful paras of Sasuke`s face. Not sakura lebay or anything, but believe me, the man who is now before him is like a Greek god who has turned into a man. Sakura remembers what Ino said about the man named Sasuke. At first he did not believe that there was such a handsome man, but after seeing him in person, Sakura could not quote at all.

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