Ukraine European Union Association Agreement Pdf

The European Coal and Steel Community was established in 1952 from six Western European countries. This would lead to the European Union in 1992, as the central powers would increase and the number of members would reach 28 in 2013. The Union has a common market and in particular has the competence to conclude trade agreements. The Union has only the competence conferred on it by its Member States and, therefore, when a treaty covers areas in which it is not competent, the Member States become parties to the Treaty next to the Union. On 19 September 2013, President Putin declared that Russia would impose “protectionist measures” against Ukraine after the implementation of the EU Association Agreement. [13] The next day, Aleksei Pushkov, chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Duma (Russia`s main parliament), said that Ukraine was engaged in a “semi-colonial dependence” on the EU. [221] On 8 October 2013, President Putin declared that the free trade agreement could “create some trade and cooperation problems. We can hurt the economy, but we will not have any political problems, I am sure. [222] European Council President Herman Van Rompuy added that “we must not give in to external pressure, the least Russian.” [77] Barroso reiterated that the EU`s offer to Ukraine to sign an association agreement remained on the table. [79] [79] At the same time, President Yanukovych stated that he wanted to sign the Association Agreement at a later date, “as soon as we get to work and find solutions to economic problems, if we get the opportunity to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Russia and all that we need to do to establish normal relations between the European Union. , Russia and Ukraine…

It`s our responsibility. [82] The agreement also commits both sides to cooperate and converge policy, legislation and regulation in a wide range of areas. [how?] These include equal rights for workers, approaches to the free movement of people, the exchange of information and staff in the field of justice, the modernisation of Ukraine`s energy infrastructure, access to the European Investment Bank and many others. The agreement obliges Ukraine to carry out economic, judicial and financial reforms in order to integrate its policy and legislation with that of the European Union. Ukraine is committed to gradually complying with EU technical and consumer standards. [6] The EU agrees to provide Ukraine with political and financial support, access to research and knowledge and preferential access to EU markets. The agreement commits both sides to promote progressive convergence towards the EU`s common security and defence policy and the policy of the European Defence Agency. The agreement requires regular summits between the President of the European Council and the President of Ukraine. Members of the Council of the European Union and the Cabinet of Ukrainian Ministers are also scheduled to meet regularly, as well as members of the European Parliament and the Ukrainian Parliament, as well as other officials and experts from both sides. Prior to the final signing of the agreement on 27 June 2014, Russian government officials said that Russia could most likely increase tariffs on Ukrainian imports, with Russia being Ukraine`s largest export market, which accounts for nearly a quarter of Ukraine`s international trade.

[200] However, as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the EU has become Ukraine`s largest trading partner. It is also its main source of foreign direct investment (FDI). [201] In the days that followed, Kiev organized the largest demonstrations of opposition parties in Kiev, the largest demonstrations since the Orange Revolution. [69] [70] On 26 November 2013, the Ukrainian government acknowledged that Russia had asked it to delay the signing of the EU Association Agreement and that it wanted “better conditions for the EU agreement”. [71] “Once we have reached a level that will be pleasing to us, if it corresponds to our interests, if we

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